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Natural Gas Distribution

Natural Gas Distribution

Natural Gas Distribution

Manisa Industrial Park has the title of “The First Industrial Park to Provide Natural Gas Service to its Industrialists” in the Aegean Region.

Natural gas has become a fuel that has no alternative today. The construction of the natural gas distribution network and pressure reduction stations in order to provide the natural gas to the industrialists of our Park started with the natural gas infrastructure contract signed in July 2002, and the infrastructure works were completed in a very short time and the first natural gas was used on April 3, 2003.

The natural gas distribution network of our region consists of 9 10,000 Sm³/h pressure reduction stations and a total of 37 km of natural gas lines, 12 km of which are made of steel and 25 km of polyethylene (PE) with intermediate lines. In 2003, our first year, an annual 25 million Sm³ natural gas usage contract was signed with BOTAŞ, and currently natural gas is supplied to 132 companies in Manisa Industrial Park together with the IP Power Plant. Annual consumption amount has reached 300 million Sm³.

In order to operate the natural gas infrastructure, there is a Natural Gas and Mechanical Works Unit consisting of 1 engineer and 6 technicians in our region.

Duties of the Natural Gas and Mechanical Works Unit, which works in shifts and provides 24-hour service:

  • To operate the natural gas infrastructure in a way that provides uninterrupted gas,
  • Maintaining Park RMS-B and customer RMS-C stations,
  • To ensure that the meters and equipment in the natural gas stations are checked and that the meter calibrations are done within the legal period,
  • To follow all kinds of excavations and operations to be carried out on the natural gas infrastructure and to ensure that the operations are carried out safely,
  • Making and approving the controls and tests of the work done in the additions to the natural gas lines,
  • Evaluating the applications of companies that will buy natural gas and ensuring that they fulfill the necessary conditions (contract, deposit) for subscription,
  • Checking the start-up files of the companies that will install the natural gas installation and checking whether the capacity to be installed meets the existing infrastructure capacity,
  • To make the infrastructure investment that will provide the capacity in case of failure, to open the gas after the completion of the installation,
  • To supply the necessary gas by meeting with BOTAŞ and other sales license holders in the purchase of the natural gas requested by the companies,
  • Calculating and billing the amount of natural gas used by companies at the end of the month,