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MOSB Kindergarten

MIP Kindergarten

MIP Kindergarten

As stated in the Labor Law No. 4857, the Industrial Park Law No. 4562 and the relevant regulations, the day care home project was implemented within the framework of the social responsibility understanding of our park, within the scope of supporting the employment of female employees and the responsibilities of the employer in this regard.

Manisa Industrial Park Day Care Home Economic Enterprise was registered on 28th August 2014 and started its activities in the newly completed building of 1,333 m² with 10 classrooms, within the Regional Directorate Campus area located in the 1st part of the park.

T.R. MIP Nursery and Day Care Home Economic Enterprise, which started its operations on 13rd November 2014, under the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, has been operating under the name of T.R. It was transferred to the Ministry of National Education and renamed Manisa IP Kindergarten Economic Enterprise. Manisa IP Kindergarten, which has a total capacity of 160 children, provides education and training services to our children aged 3-6, together with the director of the institution, administrative staff, English teachers, preschool teachers, expert instructors, master instructors and servants.

Our Branches

  • English
  • Music (Orff)
  • Chess
  • Gymnastics
  • Robotic coding

Our Projects

  • Clean School, Healthy School Project
  • Eco School Project
  • Nutrition Friendly School Project
  • Values ​​education
  • Life in the Box Project
  • 50th and 100th Day Math Project
  • My Dear Family Project
  • Art Project
  • Children’s Books Workshop

Our Events

  • Einstein Science Fair Day
  • Autumn and Spring Festivals with Family Participation
  • Individual Portfolio Presentations to Families
  • Private Classroom Talks Outside with Families
  • Art Exhibition Presented to Families