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Wastewater Treatment Plant Management

Wastewater Treatment Plant Management
Environment Management

Wastewater Treatment Plant Management

Our 1st Part with a capacity of 6,500 m³/day, built in 1993, and Part 2, with a capacity of 15,000 m3/day, built in 2001, which purifies domestic and industrial wastewater originating from our region, continues its actual treatment activities uninterruptedly until today.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is built on an area of 51,460 m² and has a total capacity of 21,500 m³/day, is capable of meeting the treatment needs of companies operating throughout the park.

The sludge cake that comes out of the sludge dewatering unit in our treatment facility is forwarded to licensed companies for disposal.

On the other hand, in parallel with the growth and development in our Park, the need to increase the capacity of the existing facility has arisen, taking into account the increasing wastewater flow and pollution loads over time. In this context, the construction of an additional wastewater facility with a capacity of 20.000m³/day continues in the 73,877.56 m² Technical Infrastructure Area of the 6th Section of our Park.

The project, which was tendered in 2020, was signed with the Contractor in January 2021, within the scope of the preparation of application projects (process, architectural, static, mechanical, electrical), the construction works including mechanical assembly, automation, electrical works and commissioning, together with the construction of the application projects. The construction contract has been signed and the site has been delivered and the work has begun. The construction process continues and it is planned to complete the construction process in 2022 and put it into use.