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Board of Directors

The Message of The President

Our region is one of the first IPs established with the beginning of industrialization in our country in the early 1960s after the planned development period in Turkey.

Today, almost 50 years later, Manisa IP has become an example in Turkey and in the world and has become a source of income for its investors and its country. Today, it is a region with nearly 40 domestic and foreign partner investors, many international brands, 50,000 employees and a foreign trade volume of $8,405,000,000. Of course, this success is not by chance; foreseeing the future and working hard for it brings success. As a park that has developed according to plan since the first day of its foundation, both in terms of physical and infrastructural services, we have ensured that we are always one step ahead by anticipating future needs and making the necessary investments to meet them.


Sait Cemal TÜREK

Chairman of the Board of Manisa Industrial Park

We are not only a park that prepares all the energy infrastructure that the industrialist needs in the production process before starting to invest, providing this service in the highest quality and at an affordable cost, but we are also able to meet the overall needs of our industrialists with our investments in education. In our park, which is the best example of new generation IPs, the investment costs of electricity, steam and hot water generated in our power plant are met by our park and delivered to the door of our industrialists. Our logistics center, the first logistics village in Turkey, transports the goods of our industrialists to the ports via railroad, our industrialists benefit from our open and closed storage areas and can conclude their business in a short time at the customs directorate in our logistics center. In addition to infrastructural services, students at our Vocational and Technical High School, which we established to train a qualified workforce, which is one of the most important needs of our industrialists, can enter the workforce in our regional companies upon graduation. Moreover, our school also offers employee training. In addition to our efforts in infrastructure and education, the most important of our investments in social terms has been the realization of our kindergarten, to which the workers of our park will entrust their children of preschool age, to ensure that they can work in peace. Our nursery, with a capacity of 140 students, continues to serve at full capacity, according to the working hours of the mothers who work in our region.

The last project we implemented is our on-campus living area, which we created to meet the needs of employees to get away from the work environment for a moment and to motivate themselves. With its cafés and restaurants, MOSPARK is a living space where both the employees of our region and our guests who come to our park for business reasons will feel comfortable. As regional management, we continue our efforts to attract new investment by taking our education and social projects a step further. In this, we derive our strength from the faith and trust our industrialists have in us.

We are a region that works for its industrialists and produces for its country…

Our goal,

is to continue our work in this direction without stopping by
enjoying being a partner in the development of our industrialists.

General Assembly

As Manisa Industrial Park,
we started to be managed by our own industrialists after the 1st General Assembly held on July 11, 2008 with the participation of the majority of our industrialists.
As one of the few IPs managed by industrialists in Turkey, we hold our ordinary general assembly every year, and we form our Board of Directors by choosing from among ourselves with the ordinary general assembly that we hold every 4 years.

Board of Directors

Sait Cemal TÜREK
Chairman of the Board
Yonca Food Industry. Inc.

Kadir Murat ÇAM
Vice Chairman of the Board
Teleset Electromechanical Industry and Trade Inc.

Board Member
Vestel White Goods Industry and Trade Inc.

Board Member
Özvardar Glass Industry and
Trade Inc.

Abdulaziz MEYDAN
Board Member
HMS Machinery Industry and
Trade Inc.

Board of Supervisors

Supervisory Board Member
İzmir Mold Industry and Trade Inc.

Supervisory Board Member
Egemas Machinery Chemical
Industry and Trade Co. Ltd.