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Energy Management

Energy Management

Power Distribution

MIP Electric Unit Services:
  • Operation and maintenance of the environmental lighting electrical network,
  • Operation of the intra-regional MV electricity distribution network to provide 24-hour service,
  • Operation of 2 154/33kV Substations,
  • Elimination of malfunctions,
  • Examining the MV energy demands of the participating companies and granting the energy permit,
  • Preparation of MIP electricity sales contracts,
  • Commissioning of the plants whose assembly has been completed,
  • Control and follow-up of the measurement systems based on electricity consumption of the participating companies,
  • Operating the meter reading system and providing access to companies;


WEB Interface link of the Counter:

  • Reading the indices at the end of the month, transferring the control values to the accounting department,
  • Control of electricity projects based on participant construction permits,
  • Controlling the infrastructure of the electricity distribution system and ensuring that it is operational,
  • If the electricity will be cut off during the planned maintenance work, notifying the relevant companies in advance,
  • Fulfilling the necessary services in order to meet the increasing electricity needs of the members of the park.

Processes during the execution of the Services:


Construction Site Subscription

Construction Site Subscription process consists of the following steps;

  1. Obtaining the construction license from the region,
  2. Submitting a petition for the site electricity demand to the region,
  3. Preparing the electricity sales contract by the region and forwarding it to the company,
  4. Signing the contract by the company,
  5. Depositing the stamp tax of the contract (to the tax office to which the firm is affiliated) by the firm,
  6. Depositing the Security Fee to the MIP bank account by the company,
  7. One responsible electrical engineer is assigned by the company for the electricity of the construction site and released to the park in text,
  8. Preparing and assembling the meter board and meter board supply line by the company,
  9. Making the physical connection by the electrical team of the park,

After this stage, energy is given to the construction site.

Industry Subscription

The industry subscription process consists of the following steps;

  1. With a petition, an energy permit is requested from the region up to the total rated power of the transformers to be installed in the facility,
  2. Preparation of high voltage projects in accordance with the energy permit to be given by the region,

Documents and projects that should be included in the project file to be prepared;

  • General Notes

o The layouts will be scaled.

o The projects will be arranged in 3 teams according to the groups mentioned below and will be placed on the appropriate topics.

o Project name will be pasted on the outside of the folder cover.

o There will be a table of symbols and their meanings used in the project sheets. (In the upper right corner on the letterhead)

o Pre-approved MV single line diagram of the DM where the energy is supplied (for IPs fed from a private power generation company)

o If compact type prefabricated transformer kiosks are used, the relevant TSE Documents and type test reports will be placed in the file.

o All calculations and drawings will be in accordance with the Electric Power Plants Regulation.

  • Documents

o Energy Permission Letter (to be given by IP Management)

o SMM Certificate

o Office Registration Certificate

o Certificate of Authorization (To be given by the facility authorities on behalf of the office or engineer doing the project)

o Turkish Trade Registry Newspaper (Relevant page on behalf of the office or engineer that made the project)

o Turkish Trade Registry Newspaper (Related page on behalf of the facility whose project is being done)

o Circular of Signature (for the plant officials whose project is done)

  • Rationale and Project Description Report

o Subject and scope of the project

o Explanatory information about the facility whose project is being done

o Current status

o Changes regarding the additions to be made, if any

o The way of supplying the energy

o Cells to be used and properties of all MV-LV electrical equipment

o From which point and by which method the energy measurement will be made

o If there are issues to be fulfilled in the energy permit letter, how they are done will be explained in detail in the report.

  • Discovery List

o Accounts

o Transformer Power Calculations (These powers will be shown as a table and will be compatible with the LV single line diagram)

o Compensation facility calculation (It will be calculated over the rated power value of each transformer, the number of steps and their powers will be shown in single line diagrams.)

o Short-Circuit Calculations and Examination of Calculations (Theoretical calculations, short-circuit calculation single-line diagram, short-circuit diagram equivalent circuit will be drawn. Disconnector-breaker and current transformers and equipment will be examined)

o Calculation of Grounding Resistance

o Lightning Protection Facility Account

o Calculations and Examination of MV-LV Cables (Current carrying, short circuit resistance, cross section calculation, voltage drop calculation)

o Lighting Calculations.

o Plans

o Layout Plan (A new installation will be established with MV connection conductor cross-sections and quantities from the point where the energy is received. Including TM)

o MV Single Line Diagram will be shown on the project. (With DM cell openings where energy is supplied, power, quantity, sections, protection and interlocks etc.)

o LV Single Line Diagram (If available, it is preferred to be drawn on the same sheet as MV.)

o LV Power Distribution Installation Plan (Power, sections and quantities will be shown.) and Busbar transportation system installation plan, if any

o Substation Layout Plan and Section Views (1 top-2 side views together with cable connections will be named and dimensioned. Including MV Cells)

o Grounding and Lightning Protection Installation Plan

  • Applying to MIP for the approval of the prepared projects,
  • Following the approval of our park, the company completes its facility in accordance with the approved project,
  • Applying to MIP for temporary admission after the completion of the facility,
  • Assigning the responsible Electrical Engineer with the High Voltage Operation Responsibility Certificate issued by the Chamber of Electrical Engineers and submitting it to our Park in writing,
  • After the temporary acceptance and obtaining the occupancy permit, the company is continuously energized.


NOTE: In order to switch from the construction site tariff to the industrial tariff, the facility must start production (to obtain a building occupancy permit) and the Industrial Registry Certificate must be submitted to our region in writing.