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Tournament Excitement Ended in MIP.

Tournament Excitement Ended in MIP.

Tournament Excitement Ended in MIP.

The MIP Basketball League, which was held for the first time this year with the aim of getting away from the work stress of the employees and strengthening social relations in the Manisa Industrial Park, which is the pioneer of innovations, came to an end.

Teams from Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, Vestel White Good, Vestel Electronics, Maxion İnci Wheel, HMS Machine and Mercan Machine participated in the MOSB Basketball League, which was held between February 19 and April 5, organized in order to bring the company and its employees closer and closer together in the tournament held at MOSTEM Sports Hall. . The families of the athletes and the sports fans who watched the matches had a pleasant time in the fiercely competitive matches.

Nihat Akyol, Advisor to the President of Manisa Industrial Park, said, “We want our employees not to stay away from sports, but to get together with each other.” Nihat Akyol, who said that such organizations will continue, thanked the teams participating in the tournament for their dedication and sportsmanship, and said, “It was a good organization. As Manisa IP, we are always on the side of sports and athletes.”

Trophies and medals were given to the winning teams after the tournament.

Ranking of the winning teams

  1. HMS Machinery,
  2. Vestel Electronics,
  3. Maxion Pearl Wheel,
  4. Vestel White Goods,
  5. Manisa IP,
  6. Mercan Industrial Design Machinery,