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This year, iftar from MIP to Martyrs’ Families, Veterans and Relatives of Veterans

This year, iftar from MIP to Martyrs’ Families, Veterans and Relatives of Veterans

This year, iftar from MIP to Martyrs’ Families, Veterans and Relatives of Veterans

Manisa Governor Mustafa Hakan Güvençer and his wife Fatma Dilek Güvençer came together with the families of martyrs, veterans and their relatives at the iftar table under the sponsorship of Manisa Industrial Park (MIP) and under the coordination of Manisa Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies.

Governor Mustafa Hakan Güvençer, his wife Fatma Dilek Güvençer Family and Social Policies Provincial Director Murat KONAN welcomed the guests. Deputy Governors Hüseyin KARAMEŞE, Yunusemre District Governor Ahmet ERDOĞDU, Şehzadeler District Governor İsmail Çorumluoğlu, 1st Infantry Brigade Commander Colonel Şefik GÜVENÇ Manisa Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Gendarmerie Colonel Özcan KAPLAN, Manisa Provincial Police Chief Fevzi Bilgiç, Manisa Provincial Director of Family and Social Policies Murat Konan , Manisa Mufti Sinan Cihan, Manisa Industrial Park Chairman Sait TÜREK, MIP Presidential Advisor Nihat Akyol, Department Managers, Chambers and Associations representatives, relatives of martyrs, veterans and relatives of veterans.

In his speech, MIP Chairman of the Board Sait TÜREK stated that they are proud to be together with the families of martyrs and heroic veterans once again at the iftar dinner, which has become traditional every year in the month of Ramadan in the Manisa Industrial Park, and said: We commemorate our martyrs once again with mercy, we wish patience to their families and a healthy and long life to our veterans. The blessed month of Ramadan is a very holy month for us, where resentments are forgotten, friendships are strengthened, bonds of love are strengthened, and the boundaries of tolerance are widened as much as possible. As a nation, helping and solidarity is the greatest treasure of our unity and solidarity,” he said.

In addition, in his speech in which he gave good news for the children of Martyrs and Gazi; MIP Chairman of the Board Sait Türek said that the children of martyrs can enroll in Private Manisa Industrial Park Technical and Anatolian Vocational High School as a priority, and they can benefit from the student dormitory, which will be put into service this year, free of charge, if they wish.

I hope that at the end of this beautiful night, we can have our share of your pain and pride. On behalf of myself, our Board of Directors and our Region, I would like to thank our esteemed guests who participated in our fast-breaking dinner.”

Speaking after Türek, Governor Güvençer stated in his speech that Turkey owes a lot to martyrs and veterans; “Martyrdom is the highest level a person can reach. It is our greatest duty to find a solution to the problems of the families of our martyrs left behind,” he said.

Participating in the fast-breaking dinner, Governor Güvençer, especially all state administrators, sat at the tables of the relatives of Martyrs and Gazi and chatted until the tarawih prayer.

He thanked the families of the martyrs, veterans and their relatives for their participation in the fast-breaking dinner, on behalf of the other guests and said, “Today, we were not 700, 800 or a thousand people who could only be counted at this time and in this narrow space. We know that at this iftar table, we shared this table with the spiritual presence of our beloved children, beautiful sons, spouses, and beloved fathers. First of all, they were with us. We weren’t just 800, a thousand people, I’m sure there was the spirit of a whole nation here with us today, a whole nation had courage, heroism, renunciation, fortitude, determination for today, aspirations, dreams and goals for tomorrow. be blessed. I know that in this determination, in these goals, he has enough weakness, greatness, goodness and beauty to bow before the entire humanity of the world. Today, we did not just share a sadness, a magnificent honor, pride wrapped in this sadness, the sweet happiness, happiness, and peace that were bestowed upon us with sadness and honor. We have come to this day to share the suffering of a truly holy cause in the difficult, difficult days of necessity. But today we also shared our determination and determination for the future. As with every good thing shared, I am sure this sharing has increased our determination and determination. I bow respectfully before you, our esteemed veterans, our martyred parents, our martyred spouses, and our martyr’s orphans. On behalf of myself and the participants, I would like to thank the MIP Board of Directors for organizing this fast-breaking dinner, and the businesses operating in MIP.”


After the speeches, the Mufti of Manisa Sinan CIHAN recited the iftar prayer, and black mulberry sherbet was served to the guests.