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The Ministry of Industry was together with the Industrialists.

The Ministry of Industry was together with the Industrialists.

The Ministry of Industry was together with the Industrialists.

T.R. Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology İlyas Aydoğan, General Manager of Industrial Parks Yaşar Öztürk, General Manager of Science and Technology Assoc. Dr. Cevahir Uzkurt, General Manager of Industrial Products and Inspection Muhsin Dere and Branch Manager Selim Bozdemir came to Manisa for a series of visits.

Deputy Undersecretary Aydoğan and the accompanying delegation, who started the program with company visits, first attended a breakfast meeting at Genç Kalıp company, listened to the problems of mold makers and stated that they would start working to find solutions. After the meeting at Genç Kalıp company, he examined the mold factories operating in the medium-sized industrial park of Muradiye.

Deputy Undersecretary Aydoğan and ministry officials also visited Sarıgözoğlu company operating in Manisa IP and producing molds for automotive giant companies. During the visit, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Levent Sarıgözoğlu gave information about the work done and the molds they produced, and showed the product molds produced to the world automotive giants. After the factory tour, Deputy Undersecretary Aydoğan said, “We saw that there is a strong potential for mold production in Manisa. This is a very important development. As a ministry, we are ready to provide all kinds of support to reveal this potential. We will start the necessary work on this issue,” he said.

After visiting the factory, Aydoğan visited Sait Türek, Chairman of the Board of the Manisa Industrial Park, and received information about the Manisa Industrial Park. During the visit, the Chairman of the Board of Directors Türek gave information about the current situation of the Region, the opportunities provided to the industrialists and the projects realized so far. Providing a briefing on the projects they plan to implement in the coming days, Türek stated that they are working to become an IP that produces technology-oriented and value-added products. Türek stated that they are working to realize the infrastructure and superstructure investments that the Regional Industrialists will need in terms of technology development studies.

During the visit, Deputy Undersecretary Aydoğan stated that Manisa has an important place in the country’s economy and expressed his happiness to be in Manisa.

After the visit, the General Manager of Science and Technology Assoc. Dr. Cevahir Uzkurt answered the questions of industrialists about R&D Centers.


Uzkurt stated that the condition of employing 50 full-time people in the R&D center, which is a condition to be approved as an R&D center, was reduced to 30 people with a Council of Ministers Decision on May 21, 2014; “In this way, companies that carry out R&D projects but cannot benefit from R&D center gains due to the number of personnel are provided with the opportunity to apply.” said. In addition, Uzkurt noted that the entire budget allocated for R&D supports could never be used, but as the Ministry, they attach great importance to this issue and therefore they rearranged the criteria of the evaluation commission so that more companies could benefit from these supports.


Talking about the support that companies with an R&D center will benefit from, Uzkurt said that companies that do not have an R&D Center approved by the Ministry can benefit from the support of institutions such as KOSGEB, TUBITAK, TSE under the Ministry, and they can get support from the Ministry of Industry with SAN-TEZ projects they will carry out in cooperation with universities.