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Expat Gallery

Manisa IP Becomes a Breath to the Future with 11,111 Saplings

Within the scope of the “Breath to the Future” campaign carried out across Turkey on 11.11.2019 by the General Directorate of Forestry of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 11,111 saplings were adopted as Manisa Industrial Park Directorate. In addition, a sapling planting ceremony was held for the commemorative forest consisting of approximately 200 saplings with the slogan “You Have a Tree Planted in Our Country” for the foreign employees (expat) of the companies operating in our Park. 

Manisa Industrial Park added a new one to the different activities carried out the planting ceremony with the slogan of “You have a planted tree in our country” to contribute to the differences that foreign employees who continue their careers in companies in the Manisa Industrial Park after working in different countries, and to their social adaptation, including adaptation to the local culture during their working time. Mr. Sait Cemal TÜREK, Chairman of the Board of Manisa Industrial Park, Mr. Erdal HASPOLAT, Mr. Aziz MEYDAN, Regional Manager Mrs. Funda KARABORAN and over 40 expats working in various companies in the region attended the ceremony. 

In his speeches, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sait Cemal TÜREK, expressed his happiness and pride in contributing to this event by owning 11,111 saplings as the Manisa Industrial Park, and also expressed his joy at coming together on such a meaningful day for the memory forest to be created for foreign employees. At the sapling planting ceremony, he also gave the good news of new works to be carried out together with expat employees. In this context, he stated that the “MIP Expat Club” established within Manisa IP aims to support the compatibility of foreign employees with our local culture and said, “You have a home here, and today we have gathered here to show you that “you have a tree in this country” by planting a tree in your name. As the roots of your saplings grow deep in this soil, we hope that your ties with this country will also get stronger.”

After the speeches of the chairman of the board of directors, Sait Cemal TÜREK, saplings were planted at 11.11. After the saplings were planted, certificates were presented to all participants at the event. Photo shoot of all participants in the souvenir photo corner. Foreign national employees expressed their great satisfaction at the sapling planting ceremony that took place under the rain and said, “We also have a tree planted in Turkey now.”