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MOSTEM High School held a legendary graduation night this year as well.

MOSTEM High School held a legendary graduation night this year as well.

MOSTEM High School held a legendary graduation night this year as well.

MOSTEM High School, brought to Manisa by the Manisa Industrial Park, taken as an example by many provinces and shown as a role model by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, held a legendary graduation night this year as well. The young people, who will start their life two steps ahead, first threw caps and then had fun at the indoor gym of MOSTEM, which is unique in the Aegean Region.

At this year’s graduation night of MOSTEM, Manisa Governor Mustafa Hakan Güvençer, Manisa Industrial Park Chairman of the Board Dr. Sait Türek, Yunusemre Deputy Mayor Şule Uygur, MIP Director Funda Karaboran, MIP President Advisor Nihat Akyol, MIP industrialists, students’ families and friends.

At the ceremony held in the magnificent indoor gym of MOSTEM, first of all, as every year, graduate students entered the hall under torches. The students, who took their places in the hall with the tears and applause of their families, listened to the speeches.

School Principal Mehmet Yiğitkanlı explained industry 4.0; He underlined that there is a 4th industrial revolution in the world. Stating that with this revolution, there will be no need for ordinary people but even qualified people in the field of industry, Yiğitkanlı said, “There is a need for both talented and highly qualified individuals in our age. The future will ask you for it. And we are happy that you are graduating from here tonight in a way that will meet this need.”

The speech emphasizing the meaning and importance of the night was delivered by MIP President Dr. Said Turek did it. President Türek said: “Our school, which we have transformed into a large educational institution in order to meet the qualified and technical manpower needs of the companies in our region, is not a job seeker thanks to the new education and training plan, program and applications; It continues its work without slowing down in order to raise respected people in the society.

We trust the success of our students and the education system in our school. We are also happy to see that our school and its achievements set an example for everyone.

Our age is the age of technology. The nations of the world are competing every day to be one step ahead in technology. The nations that will guide the world will be the nations that lead this race. The biggest factor in this race is well-trained; qualified manpower.

We are building the future together with you, our esteemed students, in accordance with our mission in order to gain strength in the industry and to be victorious in the development race. You; You grow up as young people with a developed personality, principles and goals, modern, knowledgeable, loving and protecting their young ones, and showing respect to their elders. The most successful of you is to bring the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish economy to the point of being the leader in the world race. I know that with your determination and determination, we will achieve this together. We will always be with you. Our dear children, may your path be clear, your successes always, your head held high, proud and your steps confident.

Türek’s speech received great applause. After the speeches, the graduate students handed the flag to the students who would graduate. Then, graduation certificates were presented to the students by their teachers. Gold and bicycles were given to students who finished school with honors. The graduates of MOSTEM, who took a souvenir photo with their teachers, finally threw their caps with great enthusiasm. The students had a great time at the concert organized for them at the end of the night.