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Mediation Becomes Mandatory After June

Mediation Becomes Mandatory After June

Mediation Becomes Mandatory After June

Mustafa Sarıgözoğlu, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Manisa Industrial Park, made the opening speech. Saying that he is also a lawyer registered with the Izmir Bar Association, Sarıgözoğlu said to the President of the Mediation Association, Attorney Mehmet Başoğlu and Ebru Nomer, “thank you for not breaking our invitation and for coming today to share their knowledge on this subject.”

Sarıgözoğlu said that mediation is a method that the parties can use to resolve their disputes with the help of an impartial third party, without going to court or by court referral, and it is an alternative dispute resolution method that is widely used in countries with developed legal systems. Stating that there is a new awareness about this issue in our country, Mustafa Sarıgözoğlu said, “For this reason, we, as the Manisa Industrial Park Management, have deemed it appropriate to hold an information meeting. I would like to thank them in advance for being with us and for the information they will share. I believe it will be a productive meeting.” said

First of all, Ebru Nomer gave information to the participants by making a presentation about Mediation in Legal Disputes.

Nomer said that the work on making the mediation system mandatory, which was implemented by the Ministry of Justice in order to resolve some disputes between the parties with the help of an impartial third party (mediator/ombudsman) without going to court, will be completed in June. Nomer, who also gave information about the compulsory mediation system, said, “First, we go to the mediator, and if there is no result, we go to the court. However, I can say that all the problems leading to mediation are usually resolved within hours before they reach the court level, and a hundred percent agreement is reached, especially in employee-employer disputes.” said.

On the other hand, it was stated that in the negotiations held within the scope of mediation, the 2-hour fee is covered by the state and if an agreement is reached by the parties within this period, there is no cost burden to the parties. In the question and answer part of the seminar, Atty. Nomer and Başoğlu answered the questions asked by the participants about mediation.

The President of the Association of Mediators Atty. Basoglu; “As it is known, although mediation is a very new method in our country, it is a preferred method because it is effective and provides quick solutions. The business world attaches great importance to this. We think that this seminar we organized was very productive.” said.