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Manisa IP was “crowned” with ZEKİ

Manisa IP was “crowned” with ZEKİ

Manisa IP was “crowned” with ZEKİ

Manisa Industrial Park won the silver award at the 14th Stevie International Business Awards (14th Stevie International Business AwardsSM) with its Mentally Handicapped Protected Workplace Project (ZEKİ).

The social responsibility project Z.E.K.İ., which Manisa IP started at the end of 2015 for mentally handicapped individuals and commissioned at the beginning of 2017. (Protective Workplace for the Mentally Handicapped) Life Center brought a Silver Award to Manisa IP in the category of “Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year in Europe” of the Stevie International Business AwardsSM, one of the most prestigious business awards in the world.

Manisa IP received the Stevie Award, which derives its name from the Greek word “Crowned”, at a ceremony held in Barcelona on October 21, 2017. Mustafa Sarıgözoğlu, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Manisa IP, who attended the ceremony, said, “The award we received; This year, 3,900 applications were made to the “Foundation and Organization Category” of the Stevie Awards, which consists of 7 categories and attended by many companies, organizations and non-profit organizations from nearly 60 countries around the world from every sector. Z.E.K.İ. Life Center was awarded.

The Greatest Achievement Is Spiritual

Saying that the biggest gain of the “Z.E.K.İ. Life Center” Project is to support the families of disabled individuals, Manisa IP Chairman of the Board Sait TÜREK said, “Families with disabled children have gained the most from the realization of our project. Because these families do not get enough support. Now at least they don’t have to worry about their children’s future. Our greatest happiness is the positive change experienced by disabled people in their own lives. Thanks to these workplaces, our disabled youth became more connected to life as they moved from being a consumer to a producer”.

Manisa IP Z.E.K.I. About the Living Center

Manisa IP Z.E.K.I. The Life Center is the first and only project in the Industrial Park area in Turkey. As of October 2017, 34 mentally disabled individuals have been employed by Manisa IP companies TELESET, STANDARD PROFILE, VESTEL WHITE GOODS and BOSCH THERMOTECHNIK and have a job and monthly income in the Center, where there are 12 workplaces and the employment capacity of 96 mentally disabled individuals in total. Applications from other companies continue.