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Manisa IP is One Step Ahead in Sustainability

Manisa IP is One Step Ahead in Sustainability

Manisa IP is One Step Ahead in Sustainability

Unfortunately, in our age, it is no longer sufficient for companies, institutions and organizations to produce and sell goods and services and to achieve financial success in return. All institutions are expected to be good corporate citizens sensitive to the environment and people and to adopt good corporate governance practices as a principle. In this global transformation process, Manisa Industrial Park, which is an example of a responsible and leading IP, has made a positive contribution to the business continuity of both itself and its stakeholders in economic, technological, environmental and social dimensions with its “sustainability” vision, which is among the strategies it has determined for 2024. making an impact; continues to create sustainable value in every field.

Sait TÜREK, President of Manisa Industrial Park, stated that they have accelerated their sustainability efforts with awareness of sustainable development and environmental awareness, and announced that they have created a road map in economic, technological, environmental and social areas within the framework of their sustainability vision with the slogan “One Step Ahead”.

Stating that environmental, social and corporate governance (governance)-based investments, defined by the abbreviation ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), were also important in the past, but today they have become even more meaningful within the framework of the studies carried out for companies to be more resilient in the future. It is now a necessity for organizations, companies and our planet. Being aware of these obligations, we set out to carry out studies that will create long-term value in today’s rapidly changing conditions.” said.

Explaining that they have established a Sustainability Board to manage all sustainability activities of Manisa IP, TÜREK said, “Our Board will continue to work and produce for a better world with its studies that will address the issue of sustainability holistically.” said.

Manisa Industrial Park Sustainability Board will determine corporate sustainability principles and corporate policies and strategies regarding climate change; aligning business processes with determined policies and strategies; follow up on sustainability assessments.

The Board will carry out studies in line with the ’17 Sustainable Development Goals’, the global convention of the United Nations.