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Manisa Industrial Park Ordinary General Assembly Was Held

Manisa Industrial Park Ordinary General Assembly Was Held

Manisa Industrial Park Ordinary General Assembly Was Held

The General Assembly, attended by 106 industrialists, started with the formation of the council. At the General Assembly, in which the representatives of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology were also present, Ramazan SÖNMEZ was elected as the Chairman of the Council, Huriye USLU and Nedim AYSAN were elected as the Members of the Council. After the moment of silence and the National Anthem, the presentation of the “Board of Directors Activity Report” was started.

Sait C. TÜREK, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Manisa Industrial Park, made a presentation summarizing the activities of 2016 by thanking all the company representatives who attended the General Assembly for their interest and participation.

In his speech of thanks, Sait Türek said; He stated that the 2016 Manisa IP Budget was determined as 640.059.000 TL.

In his speech, he said, “2016 has been a really difficult year for all of us. We have experienced the most serious problems a country can face. Today, after what happened last July, we are making great efforts as a nation to re-establish peace and prosperity in our country. Our country’s overcoming the problems it is experiencing, the Turkish economy’s competitiveness in the international arena, and our country’s transition to a rapid development process again depends on the increase in production, employment and exports. Here, the most important role falls to us, the industrialists said.

The General Assembly continued its speech as follows. “In our opinion, the new generation IPs should not only be an industry-oriented production center where infrastructure and superstructure services are provided, but also a people-oriented living center. While our region has been operating for 50 years as one of the most rooted building blocks of our country, it always continues to offer an appropriate investment and production environment to our industrialists. In order to offer new services and increase the quality of our services, an investment of 50 million TL was made in our region in 2016. The investment budget we expect to realize in 2017 is around 60 million. I would like to mention a few of these investments.

MIP Mentally Handicapped Protected Workplace. In fact, this place is more of a life center for mentally handicapped citizens than a workplace. The center, the foundation of which was laid in December 2015, has been operating since January 2017 and has no precedent in Turkey. We received the first application of Teleset Company in September 2016 at the center. As of February 1, 2017, the company started its activities in a protected workplace with 8 mentally disabled employees. Standard Profil and Vestel followed Teleset. As of today, 26 mentally handicapped young people work in the sheltered workplaces of these companies and earn their salaries.


We, as Manisa IP, are a region that has made it a mission to be the solution partner of its investors. In this context, in addition to our existing infrastructure and superstructure works, we also make a great effort to identify the areas that our companies need and to produce solutions regarding these issues. Within the scope of our employment policy, in 2016, we first took care to realize investments that we believe will be a solution to this problem. School is one of them. Private Manisa IP Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which we built in 2010, has been operating since 2012. The total number of graduates reached 930. We decided to build an additional building for a thousand students, which has reached a capacity of one thousand students in a short time and makes a difference among its peers. We set out for this purpose, but instead of an additional building, we embarked on the construction of a training facility with a 192-bed dormitory, a sports hall for 1,710 people at international standards and a hall where small organizations can be held. We aim to complete the construction, which we started in February 2016, in August 2017 and embrace the students in the new academic year.

As you know, Internal Migration movements in our country have a great impact on employment and labor market. In this context, in order to receive immigration, you must have solved the housing problem. At this stage, we, as Manisa IP, have decided to become a stakeholder in the ongoing mass housing projects in the west of our Region in cooperation with the Prime Ministry Mass Housing Administration and Yunusemre Municipality. Within the framework of this decision, in February 2016, we conveyed our request for 2000 residences to our Municipality as a priority for a complex that will consist of residences that can only be purchased by our companies operating in our Industrial Park or their employees. Our Yunusemre Municipality also supported us to realize the “IP KENT” project by sharing this demand of ours with the Yunuskent project they are currently carrying out. In this context, we signed a Cooperation Protocol with our Region and Yunusemre Municipality on June 3, 2016 and started working. When these works are completed, I am sure that a project that will set an example for all other IPs in Turkey will be implemented.

Speaking of our projects about people and life, I would like to talk about MOS-art now. Our Regional Directorate Building, which served us for 47 years as the first Building of Manisa IP, is now the Art Gallery of our Region… With this transformation decision we made at the end of 2016, we started our work quickly. We have carefully restored every part of the building, remaining faithful to all its original elements. As Manisa IP, we owe it to support the social and cultural development of the city we live in. Here, we want to host many artists and art lovers under the roof of MOSart, and make this place the meeting point of art lovers not only from Izmir but from all over our country.


In another important investment, our hotel and health sports club “The Fortyfive Business Hotel & SPA We laid the foundation of our new investment “The Fortyfive Business Hotel & SPA”, which we believe will meet the needs of our industrialists and our city with all its conditions and facilities, on October 27, 2015. Its construction took 15 months. Our hotel, which lasts and has an area of ​​approximately 5000 m2, has 52 Deluxe Rooms. There is an A la Carte restaurant for 160 people, a Semi-Olympic Pool in the 1000 m2 SPA area, a fitness area and a tennis court.” said

Sait TÜREK, Chairman of the Board of Directors, also mentioned the budget data in the continuation of his speech, “We, as Manisa IP Board of Directors, wholeheartedly support your devoted efforts and efforts to provide employment and food under difficult economic conditions. Believe me, in every step we take for our region, in every decision we make, feeling you by our side gives us strength. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our esteemed Regional Industrialists, on behalf of the Board of Directors for the trust and support you have given us, and I congratulate you on the blessed month of Ramadan. Stay well” said.

Afterwards, the agenda items were voted on. All agenda items were discussed and passed unanimously in unity and solidarity.