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Manisa Industrial Park Ordinary General Assembly was held.

Manisa Industrial Park Ordinary General Assembly was held.

Manisa Industrial Park Ordinary General Assembly was held.

The General Assembly, attended by 132 industrialists, started with the formation of the council. At the General Assembly, in which the representatives of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology were also present, Ramazan SÖNMEZ was elected as the Chairman of the Council, and Abdül Aziz MEYDAN and Yakup BENLİ were elected as the Members of the Council. After the moment of silence and the National Anthem, the presentation of the “Board of Directors Activity Report” was started.

Sait C. TÜREK, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Manisa Industrial Park, thanked all the company representatives participating in the General Assembly for their interest and participation, and made a presentation summarizing the 2015 activities.


Board of Directors Report, Audit Board Report and Independent

After the presentation of the Audit Reports, the Board of Directors and Auditors were unanimously acquitted. According to the agenda; The new Board of Directors and Supervisory Board were elected.

to the Board of Directors,

President Sait C. TUREK,

Deputy Chairman Mustafa SARIGÖZOĞLU,

Member Nedim SEZER,

Member Kadir Murat ÇAM,

Member Mehmet Bender ÖZOKUMUSOĞLU (new member) was elected.


to the Supervisory Board


Member Semih VARDARER (new member)

Member Faruk CAN was elected.

Muzaffer BUĞDAYCI, who was not a candidate this term, and Önder ŞENKOL, Member of the Supervisory Board, were presented with plaques by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MIP, Sait TÜREK, for their services.


Sait Türek, who came to the podium after the voting, in his speech of thanks; He stated that the 2016 Manisa IP Budget was determined as 633,335,000 TL.

In his speech, he explained some of the new term projects as follows;

“I would like to share with you that many of our efforts to increase the diversity of our regional activities will continue.

There is an “IP city project” of 2000 houses, which we carry out with the cooperation of Yunusemre Municipality and TOKİ, with the belief that it will solve the “Labor Source” problem, which is one of the most important problems of our industrialists, and will be located on the western border of our Region. We are working on the construction of other connection roads that will be an alternative to the İzmir road. We are working to increase the number of our companies operating in the High Technology class.


We are working on the support we will give to the institutionalization processes of our family companies in our region.

There are clustering projects that we have started to carry out before the Ministry of Economy. Again, there are UR-GE projects to be carried out by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology for our companies to increase their exports.”

Sait TÜREK made the closing speech of the General Assembly, which passed with great maturity and order. In his speech, all of our Industrialists in this hall know very well the history of Manisa IP and its contribution to the economy of our country and region with its history of more than 50 years. On behalf of the Manisa IP Board of Directors, I would like to thank you, our esteemed Regional Industrialists, for the trust you have placed in us and the support you have given us in all our works, and I congratulate you on this occasion.” said.