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Manisa Industrial Park is Moving Fast towards its 2023 Target

Manisa Industrial Park is Moving Fast towards its 2023 Target

Manisa Industrial Park is Moving Fast towards its 2023 Target

Manisa Industrial Park, which is ahead of the times with its 10 million square meter area, 223 participants, high foreign trade volume, employment it provides, more than 50 years of experience, social projects, modern and complete infrastructure, determines its strategy for its 2023 target.

For this purpose, MIP Chairman Sait TÜREK, who came together with the Regional Industrialists by holding lunch meetings, gave information about their work towards the 2023 target: “We thought about what we can do in line with our country’s 2023 targets. We worked to determine our strategies on the subject.

-Improving the Investment and Production Environment

-Increasing Service Quality and Diversity

-Increasing Competitiveness

-Increasing Brand Value

-Sustaining Healthy Development


We set goals such as

We have determined the main topics for our Manisa IP strategy plan. Such as transportation, workforce, water, environment, energy, health, safety and social responsibility.


As part of our workforce policy, we broke new ground in Turkey. We built a school equipped with advanced equipment in order to train a qualified workforce for our industry. 947 students are currently studying. We said that’s not enough. We want to complete our construction towards the end of this year. When the project is completed, 2000 students will be studying here.


In addition, we signed a protocol with İşkur and opened the İşkur Support Point. Job seekers can leave their CV here. We provide guidance according to the demands of our companies.


We are an IP that has the Most Environmentalist IP award in the competition held among IPs. Our sensitivity towards the environment continues to increase. Our Environmental Laboratory Accreditation processes have also reached the final stage.

Our energy policy is to always provide the cheapest and cleanest energy to our industrialists. Our investments continue in this direction. We are increasing our installed production power. Apart from the investments we made in our current Power Plant, we also have projects on renewable energy.


Security has become even more important in recent years. Of course, it is very important to protect our Manisa Industrial Park, one of the few Industrial Parks in Turkey, against all kinds of threats. Our MIP Police Center provides 24/7 service within the boundaries of the region. In addition, we continue to work on the installation of the MOBESE system.


I think we are an exemplary IP in terms of Social Responsibility projects in Turkey. In this context, we first established the MIP Day Care Home. We are raising our children with our expert educator staff and preparing them for the future in the day care center with a capacity of 140 children and full-time service. Our other ongoing investment is Mentally Handicapped Workplace, Cafeteria and Guest House. We are also planning to transform the first service building of our region into MOS-Art Art Gallery. We have a Health Sports Club and Hotel project in the MIP Campus area, where our Industrialists can spend their free time and host their guests, designed with a contemporary concept in accordance with the conditions of the day, and the construction is ongoing. Also VI. Our part work continues. We are adding an area of 960,000 m2 to our region. We are preparing our region for 2023 in line with the goals of our country.

In the meetings we hold, we tell our industrialists about this strategy we have planned. We want to build our future in line with the wishes of our industrialists and shape them according to their ideas, suggestions and priorities.”