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Life Begins at MOSPARK

Life Begins at MOSPARK

Life Begins at MOSPARK

The opening ceremony of the new modern campus area of the Manisa Industrial Park Directorate was held. Sait Türek, Chairman of the Board of Manisa IP, stated that the new campus area has become a life center and said that they will provide better service to the industrialists.


A living space worthy of Manisa IP.

The opening of the new campus area of Manisa Industrial Park Directorate took place with the participation of Manisa Governor Erdoğan Bektaş, Manisa Industrial Park Chairman Sait Türek, Yunusemre Mayor Mehmet Çerçi, MIP Board Members, Industrialists and many guests.

The opening ceremony started with the mini-concert of the children in Manisa IP Nursery. Sait Türek, Chairman of the Board of Manisa IP, introduced the new modern campus area at the ceremony. Head of Manisa IP, Türek said, “After 7 years passed in this service race that we started in 2008, we are opening our new campus area, MOSPARK, which is of great importance for us. We know that every project we implement is taken as an example by other IPs. This encourages us to do better. As the Regional Management, we continue to work on our new investments as well as our completed infrastructure and superstructure investments, including our Power Plant and Logistics Center. Of course, infrastructure and superstructure investments for the industrialists are of great importance for the production processes, but in the course of time, we believed that we should make investments to meet the educational and social needs of our industrialists, and we accepted this as our duty. We took the first step in this regard with our Technical and Industrial Vocational High School. Then we started to implement our other projects one after the other. In the past time, we have implemented our investments such as Customs Building, Health Center, Police Station.”


MOSPARK living space opened

Expressing that IPs should be living centers as well as production centers, Türek said that they have built many facilities within MOSBPARK for this purpose. Türek said, “We are trying to build the necessary facilities to get out of our businesses, where we spend most of our lives, to breathe, to gather moral motivation, and while doing these, we try to do the best. We started to serve in September 2014 in our new Administration Building, the foundation of which we laid together with our industrialists in our General Assembly held in April 2013.

During the period that has passed, the bank, cafe, restaurant, pharmacy and market, as well as our PTT branch, started their activities in their new places. We established this campus on an area of approximately 50 thousand square meters. We continue to work to provide better quality service to our Industrialists, together with our Regional Directorate personnel, in our new Administrative Building, which also has a closed car park of 4,500 square meters with a capacity of 100 vehicles.

We manage the work of our field teams in our 800 square meter technical services building, where our fire brigade, laboratory and security units are located. At the same time, with its architecture, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, we serve pre-school children aged 3-6, in our kindergarten, which is unique in Manisa and other IPs, and the staff working in the factories in our region. Noting that the Science, Industry and Technology Directorate has also started to serve within the campus, Türek stated that there are bank branches, a medical center, a cafe restaurant and 5 shops in this area. Türek, Chairman of the Manisa IP Board of Directors, stated that they also opened the second floor of the Customs Directorate, which serves in the MOS Logistics Center, and stated that the industrialists can now receive service more easily.

Manisa IP will be connected to the world at the speed of light.

In addition to the openings, a groundbreaking ceremony was held to strengthen the infrastructure of MOSBPARK. Türek, Chairman of the Board of Manisa IP, stated that the second phase of the fiber optic communication infrastructure project has started and said, “Fiber cables using light will enable the transmission of data at the speed of light, and enable our IP to connect to the world at the speed of light. As part of the fiber optic infrastructure works that we have implemented in cooperation with Süperonline today, 33 km of excavation will be carried out in our Region, 56 km of fiber optic cable will be laid and fiber communication technology will be delivered to the front of the doors of all our businesses. At the same time, as IP, we will create our own fiber optic network and create the technological infrastructure for all our applications within the IP. With this investment made in our region, it is aimed to increase the quality and diversity with the increase of competition”.


Manisa IP Health and Sports Club and Congress Center.

Manisa IP President Türek stated that the foundation of the “Manisa IP Health and Sports Club”, which is located in the second phase of the campus area, has been laid, and that there will be a hotel with 23 normal and 2 suites, a closed restaurant, spa, health and wellness area where meals, meetings and organizations will be held. The Fitness Departments announced that the Indoor Swimming Pool and Tennis Court will also take place. Türek said, “Our region will have a very modern facility that our industrialists and guests can benefit from.”


Congress Center will be built.

Noting that they aim to build a “Convention Center” in addition to the “Health and Sports Club”, Türek said, “After the completion of this facility, we will build a “Congress Center” with a capacity of 800-1000 people, so our campus area project will be completed. All these facilities, which have not been seen collectively in any OIZ in Turkey until today, will be located in our Region. Thus, a unique campus area will be created. You can be proud to be in Manisa Industrial Park. In the future, we will feel the pride of living in such a region even more together.”


Praise from Governor Bektaş to Manisa IP

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ministry of Customs and Trade Aegean Customs Trade Regional Director Kaptan Kılıç stated that the customs volume of Manisa is high and that the city has a very important place in the Turkish economy. Manisa Governor Erdoğan Bektaş also stated that MOSBPARK has become an exemplary campus and said, “Good works have been done at a standard above the scale of Manisa. Everything was tried to be solved together. IP does school management, health and restaurant business better than us. We continue to learn from them. They do it professionally. They will build sports facilities, I believe they will do it better than us. It is very important to maintain the industry under one roof. They are called new generation IPs. When we examine the projects that emerged with the new generation IPS, what they are trying to do is the opportunities that Manisa IP has already done and offered to the Industrialists. I congratulate those who put forward an exemplary management approach to Manisa, Turkey.”

After the speeches, while the second floor of the MIP-MED Medical Center and Customs Directorate building was opened, evil eye beads were thrown into the pool while laying the foundation of the Fiber Optic infrastructure project with the Manisa IP Health and Sports Club. Then Manisa Governor Erdoğan Bektaş and MIP Chairman of the Board Sait Türek cut a cake together with Manisa IP industrialists.