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Great Investment from Tirsan Kardan

Great Investment from Tirsan Kardan

Great Investment from Tirsan Kardan

Tirsan Kardan company, which designs and manufactures automobile shafts, steering columns, gearbox and differential flanges in Manis Industrial Park, laid the foundation of the new factory that will be put into service in 2017 in the 4th Section of the IP, and the R&D Center that it has built has been established. inaugurated at the same time.Tiryakiler Group Chairman of the Board Mehmet Tiryaki stated that they will invest 130 million liras in 2 years and that they will increase their export figures to 100 million dollars by 2020.


The ceremony was attended by the Governor of Manisa, Mr. Erdogan Bektas, Izmir Governor Mr. Mustafa Toprak, CBU Rector Mr. prof. Dr. Kemal Çelebi, Mayor of Şehzadeler Mr. Ömer Faruk Çelik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MIP, Mr. Sait Cemal Türek, Ford Automotive General Manager Mr. Haydar Yenigün, Chairman of the Board of Tiryakiler Mr. Mehmet Tiryaki, Industrialists and many guests attended.



In his speech at the ceremony, Tiryakiler Chairman of the Board Mehmet Tiryaki stated that they have been producing powertrains for 40 years, and that they have exported 70 percent of their production to world-renowned automotive companies: We have received the projects of brand commercial vehicles”. Noting that they have also laid the foundation of their new factory to be opened in 2017, Tiryaki said that the factory will be established on an area of 50 acres, 35 of which is closed. Tiryaki said, “Advanced technology production will be carried out at the factory using green building technology and lean production techniques. The amount of investments we will make in the next 2 years will reach 130 million liras.”



Tiryakiler Group Chairman of the Board of Directors Tiryaki stated that they have made serious investments in the R&D center they have established and that 35 engineers will work within the center, adding, “We have made serious investments in R&D. We plan to allocate 3% of sales revenues to R&D investments. It also complies with EU standards. We aim to increase the group export figure, which was 83 million dollars, to 100 million dollars in 2020 with these investments.” In his speech, Tiryaki stated that they have factories in Turkey and Russia, and that they plan to establish factories in Europe in 2018 and in the USA in 2020 in line with the demands of their customers.

In the continuation of his speech, Mehmet Tiryaki also drew attention to the developments in the Turkish automotive and supply industry and said that the automotive industry is the leader in exports with 24 billion dollars. Tiryaki stated that 18-19 years ago, the share of the supply industry in automotive exports was at the level of 10 percent, and that the level of 41 percent was reached today and that the automotive industry is now in a leading position.

Speaking after Mehmet Tiryaki, Ford Automotive Industry General Manager Haydar Yenigün emphasized the developments in the automotive industry. He congratulated Tirsan Kardan of Tiryakiler Group.

In his speech at the ceremony, MIP Chairman of the Board Sait Cemal Türek said, “One of our strategic goals is to provide appropriate services and opportunities to increase the production of advanced technology and high value-added products in our region. We all know that R&D Centers are essential for the production of these products. We established the MOSEV Foundation in order to intensify R&D activities in our region. We will establish an R&D and Technology Center within our Section 6 Extension Area, we are in cooperation with institutes that have made a name for themselves in the world. TIRYAKILER GROUP is among our exemplary companies with its high technology production facilities and social responsibility projects among the automotive sub-industry companies of our country. For this reason, I am very pleased to be in the opening of the R&D investment. I am confident that by producing high value-added, advanced technology products with the studies that will arise from this center, it will carry its share in the technological classification of our Region forward in this direction.

Unfortunately, our country is not at the desired level in terms of R&D. Our government gives significant incentives to investments and practices in this regard. I believe that we will close our deficit as soon as possible with the R&D facilities established and every investment made for this purpose.

In addition to all these, we are proud to be laying the foundation of the factory that they will establish in the new areas we have allocated in the 2nd Stage of the 4th Section of our Region. With a closed area of approximately 35,000 m2, in total

With the commissioning of this factory, which will be built on a plot of 45,000 m2, 700 more people will be employed. For this reason, all the company officials and employees, especially the veteran Industrialist, the chairman of Tiryakiler Group, Mr. Mehmet TIRYAKİ, who created a brand new source of motivation for the employees by activating their new investments, our Board of Directors and myself. I congratulate you on behalf of your presence, good luck, fruitful.” he said.

Speaking at the ceremony, Manisa Governor Erdoğan Bektaş thanked the industrialists for their investments in the city. After the speeches, Mehmet Tiryaki, Chairman of the Board of Tiryakiler Group, presented a plaque to the guests. During the ceremony, a live connection was made to the factory area, where the foundation was laid, and the groundbreaking and R&D Center opening ceremony was held at the same time. After the opening, the guests toured the R&D Center of Tirsan Kardan.