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“Every Meal is a Feast” at Litany.

“Every Meal is a Feast” at Litany.

“Every Meal is a Feast” at Litany.

Litany Ristorante, opened in Manisa Industrial Park (MIP), will provide a feast of taste with outstanding examples of Mediterranean and Italian flavors.

Litany Ristorante, which was established in partnership with Sanver Süzek and Binali Yılmaz, will continue the quality offered in İzmir’s A7 City Club, Tepekule and Baca Restaurants with the same meticulousness in Manisa.

Litany Ristorante, which was opened next to the new MIP Headquarters building, brought together business people from Izmir and Manisa.

Thanking Litany Ristorante partners Sanver Süzek and Binali Yılmaz, MIP Chairman of the Board Sait Türek said, “Sanver and Binali Bey, who are well known throughout İzmir with their success in Tepekule and Baca Restaurant, have the same taste and taste in Manisa Industrial Park. We know that they will maintain their service quality. Litany will play an important role both in our company dinners and in hosting our guests who come to our region. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the opening of this place, which MIP has needed for a long time,” he said.

Stating that they set out with the motto “Every Meal is a Feast”, Sanver Süzek said, “The quality and taste standards that we apply in our restaurants in İzmir will continue in the same way for lunch and dinner at Litany. At Litany, we can host 120 people indoors and outdoors. We opened a place that the Manisa Industrial Park needs, where company meals can be made and catering services will be provided.”


It Offers a Rich Menu…


Binali Yılmaz, one of the partners of Litany Ristorante, who stated that they will offer the best flavors of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine to their guests, stated that they will experience a taste journey in Manisa; “Our menu is very rich. There are a selection of flavors from local and Italian cuisines. We offer a wide variety of flavors from risotto to grill, pizza to salad, seafood to diet food and olive oil dishes. As in all our restaurants, everything is natural in Litany. All of our products are prepared without any additives.”

Underlining that they believe in the importance of the unique, fresh and natural foods and nutritional habits of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, Yılmaz continued his words as follows: We express our gratitude to everyone from Ayvalık olive producer to Foça fisherman, from Manisa grape producer to Aydınlı fig producer.