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Dilek Sabancı Visited Manisa IP.

Dilek Sabancı Visited Manisa IP.

Dilek Sabancı Visited Manisa IP.

Dilek SABANCI, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Hacı Ömer Sabancı Foundation, the Second President of the Spastic Children’s Foundation of Turkey, and the Honorary President of the Special Athletes Sports Education and Rehabilitation Association of Turkey (Special Olympics Turkey), visited the Manisa Industrial Park which has recently made a name for itself with its social responsibility projects.

During the visit that took place in the Manisa  Industrial Park Administrative Building, MIP Chairman of the Board Sait C. Türek told Ms. Dilek Sabancı about their social responsibility projects for disabled individuals. As Manisa IP, the “Smiling Faces Vocational Rehabilitation and Workplace Center” built by Dilek Sabancı for disabled youth became a source of inspiration for our “Z.E.K.İ. Workshop”. We started the construction in January 2016 and we plan to finish it by May.” Stating that within the scope of the project, a sheltered workplace, cafeteria, and guesthouse will be built for the mentally disabled, he noted that companies that have the obligation to employ disabled people within the scope of the Labor Law will provide job opportunities to young people with mental disabilities who will be employed in a protected workplace.

To Become an Exemplary IP

“Our dormitory, indoor sports hall and amphitheater constructions for students studying at the Private MIP Vocational and Technical High School continue rapidly. We also stated that the support we will give to education with the MIP-Art Art Gallery and Education Foundation will continue. By providing 200 Battery Powered Wheelchairs to be distributed to our needy physically disabled citizens living in our Manisa, T.R. We handed it over to Manisa Governor’s Office, Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies. We aim to set an example for institutions and organizations in Turkey.”


I wish every IP was like MIP

I wish all provinces; Wishing she could be extremely successful and sensitive both in industry and in commerce and in social responsibility projects like the Manisa Industrial Park,” said Dilek Sabancı, adding that the Manisa Industrial Park set an example for Turkey with its social responsibility projects, and that she was proud to be a source of inspiration for these projects. stated.


Stating that the biggest problem of disabled people in Turkey is infrastructure, Dilek Sabancı said, “Infrastructure should be arranged accordingly so that a disabled person can go out and go anywhere they want. Unfortunately, this is not available in Turkey. I speak for physically and visually impaired individuals. When we look at it from a general point of view, except for shopping malls, universities and luxury hotels for the physically handicapped, there is an infrastructure problem. Persons with physical disabilities cannot go out on the street. I see this as the biggest problem. Second, there is no systematization in rehabilitation centers. So they are not equivalent to each other. There is no standard. A number of rehabilitation centers have been opened, but there is not enough information about what standards they are opened and what their inspections are. Some have opened a rehabilitation center to deceive the state as a source of income. These should be well supervised by the Ministry of National Education. Everyone should see themselves as a disabled candidate. Then all problems will be solved,” he said.

MIP Chairman of the Board Sait C. Türek thanked Dilek Sabancı for her visit, and with a gift specially made for her, a picture made by mentally handicapped students studying at Manisa Special Education Business Application Center and saying “If you have it, tirelessly; The plate with the note “Thank you for the interest you have shown and the support you have given to the special individuals who hold on to life by working and producing, saying that we exist,” was presented.32