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Another tradition was kept alive in Manisa IP.

Another tradition was kept alive in Manisa IP.

Another tradition was kept alive in Manisa IP.

This year, when we celebrate the 95th anniversary of the opening of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the seventh “Traditional April 23 Festival” was held in Manisa IP.

The gift of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to children, April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, the first and only children’s day in the world, was celebrated with great enthusiasm this year.

The “7. A total of 400 students from 13 schools participated in the traditional April 23 Children’s Festival. Akgedik, Yukarı Emlakdere, Emlakdere Martyr Ferhat Alakuş, Aşağı Kayapınar, Yukarı Kayapınar, 10 October, Muradiye Atatürk Ayser-Kani Çelikel, Muradiye Cumhuriyet, Bağyolu, Üçpınar Yıldız Hanım, Çamlıca village and Sarma primary school students had a lot of fun at the festival together with their teachers.

Manisa IP Regional Manager Funda KARABORAN, Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Directors Nihat AKYOL, Private MOSTEM General Manager Saadettin DUMLU, School Principal Mehmet YİĞİTKANLI, MOSTEM Teachers and Regional Directorate employees also attended the festival and celebrated the 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day for children.

The students, who listened with pleasure to the mini concert given by percussion artist Zafer BAYKAL with “ZAFUDU”, had fun with the Hacivat Karagöz show. Students from different schools were also happy with the awards they received in the competitions held in groups.

The children had fun at the playgrounds set up in the festival area and had the opportunity to socialize with each other. The children, who received the gifts prepared by the Manisa Industrial Park, left the festival with the happiness of spending a day full of good memories.