With the pride of being the pioneer of
modern industrialization...

First Organized Industrial Zone that generates its
own energy and has a production license!

We provide uninterrupted, clean and safe energy to all our companies operating in the Manisa Industrial Park.

Our Goal is
Zero Carbon Footprint!

It’s time to remember that we are a part of nature, not the owner of it.

With this understanding, we use resources efficiently for the future of world. By using our resources efficiently, we aim to reduce our corporate carbon footprint to zero!

For a bright future, all together…

We’re pioneering technological transformation in industrial parks!

INTRAC Innovation Center






Social Entrepreneurship

in MIP

The first and pioneering project in Industrial Parks!

Protected Workplace for the Mentally Handicapped

ZEKİ Life Center


MOS-ART Art Gallery

THE FORTYFIVE Business Hotel&Spa

Social Clubs

We make wishes come true with the things

That we success together!

As MOSB family, we have fun together and experience the most beautiful part of voluntariness as well.

We collect beautiful memories together under the roof of our Volunteer Social Clubs.

yön ver!

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Special for our Expats!

Are you ready to discover?

The first Expat Forest is in MOSB!