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Manisa Organize Sanayi Bölgesi

Manisa Industrial Park which carried out all necessities of contemporary  industrialization both for country economy and for regional development it has  employment enhancement feature. Creating added value and as parallel developing to possibilities of supply industry because of being a serious economic activity resource, it became a top investment point for investors. 

The Zone in order to can give an answer for always ongoing investment demands, it grew and is growing with widening areas.  The Manisa Industrial Park, in early of 2007 with opening of 450 hectares widening area for structuring total on 960 hectares threshold of industrialization exceeded a long time ago, it made its connections with Europe and world economies, as an industry oriented, forming a perpetual economic development strategy and forming policies appropriately to this and reached to an application ability. Turkey’s most important problem which is about “To develop triple of production-export-employment” at these workings the Manisa Industrial Park  which is important shareholder also in new widening areas, It gives place to industry constructions which make production appropriate environment norms as in available investments, it uses to high qualified labor force, it gives importance to R&D,it produces to technology and it can participate in international markets. A lot of firms which are premiers at own sectors in the Zone and they participate  between biggest companies our country.

From Manisa Industrial Park exportation was made to over 100 countries of the world in addition to that total foreign trade volume reached to nearly 8,1 billions USD. 

- Service understanding of Manisa Industrial Park was constructed by updating constantly to specified targets with   developing agenda thanks to stable management taking decisions as oriented toward drawing down to input       costs of industry facilities and by healing constantly to present conditions for increasing competition force of the   industrialists.

- In Manisa Industrial adventure investments, oriented plot speculation  territory allocations are not allowed.

- Industry variety is not according to one or few classical sectors it is oriented to high technology and high value-   added.

- Manisa Industrial Park  which feels ready itself to future as an OIZ with all kinds of infrastructures, social facility   support factors and service understanding.

- Manisa Industrial Park tries to convert capital to investment not only in province but also out of province and       foreign.

The factors which can be summarized with these main titles treated to today’s successful  and an example appearance of Manisa Industrial Park. Target is to continue  toward workings relentlessly by relishing to development of own the industrialists also in future.


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