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Young’s Innovative Ideas Competed

Young’s Innovative Ideas Competed

Young’s Innovative Ideas Competed

MIPHackathon@MCBU, organized in cooperation with Manisa Celal Bayar University and Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, was held on 28-29 December 2019 at the Central Library of MCBÜ Martyr Prof. Dr. İlhan Varank Campus.

There was great interest in the Idea Contest, which is the first Hackathon organized by an Industrial Park in Turkey.

49 teams consisting of 4 people from various provinces applied to MIPHackathon@MCBU, which set out with the slogan “Build Your Team, Race 24 Hours, Win Your Prize”.

MIPHackathon@MCBU, where young talents, who breathe the same air in the same environment as a teamwork, use their knowledge intensively, have the opportunity to test their field dominance and most importantly, have the opportunity to implement their innovative ideas, determined the 20 teams to compete by making the jury pre-selections for the event on 25 December and published on the website (

The Main Hackathon event, which started at 10:00 on 28 December 2019, continued for 24 hours and ended on 29 December 2019 at 10:00.


After the session, in which each team presented their results to the jury and other participants, the winner of the Contest was awarded 15 thousand TL, the second 10 thousand TL, the third 5 thousand TL and the fourth 3 thousand TL.




Speaking after the Hackathon event, Manisa IP Chairman of the Board Sait C.TÜREK said, “The Hackathon event we organized together with our Manisa Celal Bayar University is the first Hackathon event organized by an Industrial Park in Turkey. As Manisa IP, we value our new generations, to whom we will entrust our future, and their innovative ideas. We know that they will sign many projects that will make our country a pioneer. It is our duty to create such platforms where our young talents can produce projects.

While working for the 2023 targets of our country, our biggest capital in the development of industry and technology is our young human resources. For this reason, we want to support our University, which is making great efforts to raise our young people according to our needs, to motivate existing talents and especially to increase their analytical thinking abilities and their tendency to teamwork. For this reason, these events, the first of which coincided with the last days of this year, will continue in the coming period.

Manisa Celal Bayar University Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet ATAÇ said, “This Hackathon event, which we organized with the cooperation of Manisa Industrial Park, attracted great attention among our youth, and it was a source of pride for us as it was a first in Turkey.

Our primary goals are to be a pioneer in realizing what our young people have learned and dreamed of with projects, to enable them to develop and exhibit their skills, and to contribute to the construction of the Turkey of the future through such activities.

Hackathon, which we held for the first time, made an impact in the whole Aegean Region and we will organize events that will open new horizons for our youth in line with these goals, together with the Manisa Industrial Park in the coming periods.” said.





Hackathon (also known as hack day, hackfest, or codefest) is a code competition event in which participants, including computer programmers, graphic designers, interface designers, and project managers, intensely compete with other teams to develop software projects.


Names and Universities of the Ranking Teams

“Gengoo” Team, consisting of Izmir Institute of Technology and Ege University students, won the first place.

The second winner is the “Fast and Bug” Team, consisting of Manisa Celal Bayar University Software Engineering students.


The “Hypersoft” Team, consisting of students from Anadolu University, Kırıkkale University and Istanbul Rumeli University, won the third place.


The winner of the fourth place was the “Pitpit” Team consisting of Manisa Celal Bayar University Computer Engineering students.