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Webasto Thermo Comfort Air Conditioning Sys. Trade Co. Ltd.

For more than 75 years, the Webasto Group has continued to set and guide new technological standards, both in the original equipment industry and in retrofit applications. As one of the top 100 automotive industry suppliers worldwide, it develops and manufactures sunroofs, heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Our products provide a better driving atmosphere in […]

Valfsel Armature Industry Inc.

The foundation of our company, which was laid as ECA Die Casting Industry Co. Ltd in 1957, gained its legal personality in 1978 as Valfsel Armature Industry Inc. in Samandıra, Istanbul.  The new investments necessary to meet the intense demand of the luminaires produced by the ECA brand and the advanced technology determined as the […]

Valf Industry Inc.

E.C.A brand started its first production in E.C.A die casting industry in 1957. As of the end of the 1960s, the reputation of E.C.A valves spread to Turkey and the brand became the leader of the sector.  The Elginkan Group founded Valf Inc. in 1970 in order to respond to the rapid demand increase that […]

Klimasan Air Conditioner Ind. and Trade Inc.

Başka Yerde Sınıflandırılmamış Makina ve Ekipman İmalatı: Manufacturing of Machinery and Equipment Not Elsewhere Classified  AIR CONDITIONER AT A GLANCE The founding story of KLİMASAN, which operates on an international platform in the industrial cooler and freezer sector, dates back to 1915. The business life of the ŞENOCAK Family, which started with a small shop […]