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Pepsico Laid the Foundation of its 6th Factory at MIP with a Ceremony

Pepsico Laid the Foundation of its 6th Factory at MIP with a Ceremony

Pepsico Laid the Foundation of its 6th Factory at MIP with a Ceremony

The recent terrorist attacks and economic attacks in Turkey did not hinder investments. Pepsico laid the foundation of its 6th factory, which will be built on an area of 100 thousand square meters, 35 thousand square meters of which is closed, in Manisa.

Economic and terrorist attacks in Turkey, especially after the July 15 coup attempt, did not hinder investments. The foundations of a new factory were laid in Manisa Industrial Park, one of the most important industrial parks in Turkey. Pepsico will establish its 6th factory in Turkey in the Manisa Industrial Park. The groundbreaking ceremony of the 100 thousand square meter facility, 35 thousand square meters of which is closed, was attended by Manisa Deputy Governor Ünal Çakıcı, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mehmet Güzgülü, Manisa Industrial Park Chairman of the Board Dr. Sait Türek, Pepsico Turkey General Manager Levent Yüksel, businessmen and guests attended.

Levent Yüksel, General Manager of Pepsico Turkey, who gave information about Pepsico’s 6th factory in Manisa, which will provide employment for 350 people in the first place and then 500 people with the increase in production capacity, stated that they believe in the Turkish economy and said, “As Pepsico, the belief in Turkey and the Turkish economy. We are proud to be with you to lay the foundation of our 6th factory, which is an indicator of our commitment and commitment. As a Turkish organization, with 29 suppliers and more than 380 farmers, we realize 3/4 of the potato chips production and 1/4 of the industrial potato production in 18 cities on a total area of 4 thousand decares. Together with our agricultural activities, we proudly employ 43 thousand people indirectly. Pepsico demonstrates that it is a long-term and strategic investor in Turkey with our new factory, which we will lay the foundation of here today. Turkey will continue to grow with its young and dynamic population, as it has done so far, and will continue to offer significant opportunities for investors. This is the biggest indicator that Pepsico maintains its belief and commitment to our country with our new factory investment in Manisa. Our factory, which you have seen, will be built on a total area of 100 thousand square meters, of which 35 thousand square meters is closed. The facility is the first factory to be designed with lean manufacturing practices. These applications will include various innovations from the potato processing point to the product shipping point. Our factory will include different types of potato storage area, production and packaging facilities, office space and product warehouse. We will provide employment for 350 people in the first stage and 500 people locally during the construction phase. We plan to employ a total of more than 500 people at the facility by 2022. In the next few years, we will have reached a total of 6 production lines in the facility. We anticipate that we will be producing approximately 30 percent of our total production volume in Turkey with the capacity increase that comes with the investment.”


“We are working for a peaceful and safe investment environment”

Speaking at the ceremony, Manisa Industrial Park Chairman of the Board Dr. Sait Türek stated that they are making efforts for the trust and peace of the investment environment in Turkey and said, “We are doing this in terms of providing a job opportunity for 350 people, which will make a great contribution to the economic development of our country, as well as to our farmers in the evaluation of agricultural products of our city and region. We attach great importance to the project. In order to ensure this peaceful and safe investment production environment in our country and in our region, we are working shoulder to shoulder with all the officials, especially our President,” he said.

Deputy Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Güzgülü emphasized that Turkey continues its investments in spite of the negative weather and said, “Turkey is such a big country that it is opening a factory here. He opens a factory elsewhere. Making an investment elsewhere. We need to be courageous to prevent these events. I believe this type of action should be taken. I feel the need to thank the Pepsico family for making their investments in this environment. Undoubtedly, one of the most important issues in our country is employment. A factory to be opened in any part of our country, which has a very young population, will directly or indirectly provide job opportunities for thousands of our citizens.”

“Producing countries will be successful”

Emphasizing that the treacherous terrorist attack that took place in Istanbul on Saturday, December 10, in which 44 citizens were martyred, demoralized but such investments strengthened Turkey, Manisa Deputy Governor Ünal Çakıcı said, “We are sorry, we are bored. Our morale is broken. But today, we can feel a little bit better with this beautiful investment. In my personal life, whenever I am bored, whenever I get depressed, I want to go to the people who produce. It could be the head of a business, or it could be a cobbler. Producing societies, producing people, producing countries have always been more successful. They always went further. Our Manisa is a good example in this direction. I also talked to the officials of Pepsico at the IP. They also say that they got lost in our Manisa IP. There are many businesses, new groundbreaking, new factory initiatives all around. These are the elements that honor us and make us strong. Especially these days, it gives us a greater morale at this stage where our hearts and souls are hurting because of this Saturday’s incident and the attack. Pepsico also gave us morale and strength.”

After the speeches, the time capsule filled with corn kernels to bring abundance was delivered to Pepsico Turkey General Manager Levent Yüksel, to be buried in the foundations of the factory, with letters of good wishes and wishes written by Pepsico employees. With the time capsule left on the ground, the groundbreaking button was pressed by the protocol participating in the ceremony.