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MOS Logistics Services Inc. Provides Sustainable, Safe and Contemporary Logistics Service to the Industrialists

MOS Logistics Services Inc. Provides Sustainable, Safe and Contemporary Logistics Service to the Industrialists

MOS Logistics Services Inc. Provides Sustainable, Safe and Contemporary Logistics Service to the Industrialists

Manisa Industry Park (MIP) Lojistik Hizmetleri A.Ş., which is a subsidiary of 100 percent Manisa Industrial Park, provides sustainable, reliable and contemporary logistics service to industrialists at international standards. To create employment increase by reducing the freight costs of the existing industrialists and by channeling the freight gains to new investments, to make the industrialists more competitive in international markets by increasing the efficiency in logistics speed and costs on a national and global scale; In order to create an employment-increasing effect by attracting new foreign investments as well as by attracting new foreign investments to our country, the main service subject is railway transportation, which is the only environmentally friendly, safe and fast mode of transportation. Officially opened in 2010 and located on an area of 306 thousand square meters, MOS Lojistik Hizmetleri A.Ş. It carries 300 containers daily by train to the regional ports.



MOS Logistics Services Inc. General Manager Arda Erman emphasized that railway transportation provides a safe and environmentally friendly transportation service and said, “Our Manisa Industrial Park was established on an area of 11 million square meters. 13-14 years ago, when foreign trade volumes changed, a need to establish a logistics center arose. We have a heavy traffic of import and export containers going directly to the ports. The industry also needs the use of outdoor areas where it can store.

This year we have entered our 11th year. In 11 years, although we are 100 percent IP’s company, we have made great efforts to eliminate the hesitations of our industrialists against railway transportation. We do not do international transport. We carry out the domestic transportation of the import and export containers of Manisa Industrial Park by rail between the container ports in Aliağa and İzmir Alsancak Port. While doing this, we carry out transportation at a point that will not disrupt production with the factory, also by taking into account the ship deadlines, ship times, free use periods of the ports. Of course, rail transport does not directly enter the factories. It creates the need for a transfer area. Our area, which was 15-20 thousand square meters before, became 55 thousand square meters in time. For about 6 years, the need arising has enabled us to have a container intermediate transfer area such as a land port of 75 thousand 500 square meters.” said.




Noting that they carry out railway freight expeditions 4 times a day, Erman said, “The first train arrives at MOS from İzmir Alsancak Port with 50 wagons. The same locomotive goes to Aliağa with 50 wagons for export goods; It takes 50 wagons in Aliağa and loads them and brings them to the MOS Terminal. From MOS, it takes the export cargoes that will enter Alsancak Port by train at the last 01:00 at night. We make 4 train trips in the same region with a single locomotive. We carry an average of 300 containers per day by train. Of course, one of the biggest advantages of the railway is that it significantly relieves the road traffic between İzmir-Manisa and Manisa-Aliağa. Because it is the use of heavy vehicles that bring out the biggest traffic jams and accident risks on the roads. Likewise, in exports, we pull empty containers to MOS long before the ship terminals. Loading places are known for overseas services. We load it before the ship plan is clear. We eliminate or somehow minimize warehouse space congestion in factories and unnecessary goods costs within the factory. Thus, the industrialist gains speed, flexibility and a very serious planning area. This is a huge advantage.



Emphasizing that they are working to find solutions for the logistics needs of the industrialists at affordable costs, Erman said, “We are at 100 percent occupancy rate. In fact, we can increase the railway much more. All our energy is to use the railway more efficiently, more effectively, stronger and to make it sustainable. We connect the state railways directly with the industrialists without using any intermediaries. Our investments are covered by the Manisa Industrial Park in line with the demands of the industrialists.

We have two main business lines. Container transportation by rail, transporting the export and import containers of regional companies to the regional port, contributing to the needs of closed storage areas. To provide sustainable, safe, modern logistics services to our industrialists by exceeding whatever international standards are.


We operate in an area of 306 thousand square meters. We have an additional area of 55 thousand square meters. We will evaluate additional investments from our industrialists. The railway must be very planned and programmed. The industrialists have full confidence in us. Our key element is trust. We provided this. As MOS Logistics Services, we can say that we send the products of our industrialists to the world in Manisa. We continue to work on making the Manisa Industrial Park the gateway to the world. But there is only one thing that separates us at that point: we do not have direct international transports. From here it goes to the regional ports. Export products are transported to 178 countries.

At the dynamics of the region, we carry mainly white goods and electronics. Our main goal as a country is to provide foreign currency inflow and to eliminate the employment problem with industrialization. We are trying to contribute to this. Our return rate on investments is 100 percent. There is nothing idle.” he said.



Along with our railway transportation service, we respond to the needs of smooth, orderly, safe and clean storage with our 23,970 m2 closed storage areas and access roads, which are known to be lacking in our region. Bonded warehousing and handling services are provided in the 1,200 m2 open and 1,400 m2 closed Temporary Storage Area, which operates under the Manisa Customs Directorate, thereby increasing the import capability of our regional companies through the Manisa Customs Directorate, thus gaining in storage and intermediate transportation costs and speeding up processing times. With a truck park of 10.000 m2 and 140 vehicles, the export of trucks through Manisa Customs Directorate provides our companies with operation speed and cost advantage. Our 22,770 m2 free storage areas offer a healthy and fast solution to the seasonal and unpredictable additional stock space requirements of the companies in our region. With the 9.7 km junction line connection and rail transport and the 75,500 m2 container terminal being operational, temporary storage and free storage services are provided in the same environment, with close to zero transfer distances, for all cargo arriving or departing by rail, sea or road, in a safe and orderly manner. The integration of logistics service by loading and unloading in one area also provides great advantages in the costs and operation times of our industrialists. With the handling and intermediate storage facilities we provide at our container terminal, it is possible to avoid the costs of storage, demorage and vehicle waiting.