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Manisa IP Continues to Grow Despite the Global Epidemic.

Manisa IP Continues to Grow Despite the Global Epidemic.

Manisa IP Continues to Grow Despite the Global Epidemic.

Sait C. TÜREK, Chairman of the Board of Manisa Industrial Park, which is among the most developed industrial parks in Turkey, announced that Manisa IP continues to grow despite the 2020 global epidemic. Emphasizing that we are going through a very difficult period as the whole world, but that the difficult process has been successfully managed both as a country and a region, TÜREK stated that they expect 2021 to bring good developments to the whole world.

Stating that 2020 is a year far beyond everyone’s predictions, TÜREK said, “COVID 19 has deeply affected everyone’s world, from investors to operators, from employees to consumers. The virus, which came unexpectedly and changed our lives completely, was affected by the social life as well as the business life.” said.

Stating that while the production in many sectors came to a standstill, TÜREK stated that difficult conditions were overcome by taking the necessary precautions as a country, and that this process was managed successfully and in a coordinated manner as Manisa IP:

“Production continued uninterruptedly in Manisa IP and the wheels of the industry turned non-stop. Above all, it was our primary goal to protect the health of our employees at all levels. Because, 2020 has been one of the years when we best understood the value of our health. With this awareness, we tried to do our job in the best way possible.”


Stating that they continue to grow as MANİSA IP despite all the challenging conditions, Sait C. TÜREK said, “We took action on the necessary precautions and continued our work non-stop, including on weekends. As a result of our successful fight against the pandemic, our employment increased by 9%. In 2020, we allocated land to 5 new companies. Our projected total investment amount is 61,505,000 USD.” said.



Stating that this trend will continue with an increase in growth, employment and exports in 2021, Sait C. TÜREK stated that they will continue to be the leading IP with new investments.


“T.R. Presidency of Strategy and Budget Department, T.R. As a result of the studies carried out since 2017 within the scope of the “Technology Development Project in IPs” in partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), we aim to establish the institutional infrastructure of the innovation ecosystem in our region and to develop the R&D, innovation, entrepreneurship and digitalization capacities of our companies. We opened our targeted INTRAC Innovation Center Office. In 2021, Manisa IP will never abandon its mission of being the solution partner of the investor. We will continue to produce projects that will continuously improve the region so that our industrialists can produce and export smoothly.” said.


Adding to his words that Manisa IP, which is taking firm steps towards the future with its vision of a pioneering and innovative IP with a high brand value at the international level, stated that it continues to grow as a field, Türek said, “We continue to expand as a field, as well as many projects we have done to meet the needs of our industrialists. we do. Last week, our Region VI. Infrastructure works of the Section Expansion Area started quickly. Our efforts to bring the region together with our investors will continue without slowing down.” said.

Expressing that social responsibility and environmental awareness are among the most important values of Manisa IP, TÜREK stated that they will take the ZEKİ LIFE Center, which is the pride of the region, one step further in 2021. “With the ZEKİ Life Center, which we started to work on 6 years ago, we were proud to provide employment for young people with mental disabilities and to help them become more socialized with their achievements during this period. As the second step of our project, we rolled up our sleeves to pave the way for mentally disabled youth to work in a factory environment with the ZEKİ+ Project, which was entitled to receive grant support from Zafer Development Agency within the scope of the Ministry of Industry and Technology’s Social Development Support Program (SOGEP) for 2020.” said.


Stating that Manisa IP continues its production activities on an area of 11 million m2, with more than 200 active companies and a total of 60,000 employees, TÜREK said, “This year, we will lead the transformation that will carry our country to the future with innovative works.” said.