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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

MIP Health Center and Heliport

Manisa Industrial Park Management continues to provide the best service to its industrialists by using the latest technology while investing in the fields of Administrative and Social Facilities based on the powers granted by the Industrial Park Law No. 4562, which entered into force in 2000. In parallel with the development and growth of the region with each passing day, it has also made a great investment in health services, which is one of the basic needs of all companies.

With the protocol signed with Manisa Governorship (Provincial Directorate of Health) on 04 December 2009, it was decided to build a health center within the social facility area in the 4th part of the park. Following the contract signed with the contractor company on May 25, 2011, the construction of the health center was started within the administrative and social facility area of 25,986 m² located in the 4th part of the park. The Health Center, built on an area of approximately 6000 m² and owned by Manisa IP, continues to serve in a closed area of 4.688 m².

There is also a heliport suitable for the landing of 112 emergency ambulance helicopters in the health center where there is a joint health unit in the MIP Health Center, a unit where job entry (porter) examinations are made and employment reports are given.