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About “Yatırı” Website

About “Yatırı” Website

About “Yatırı” Website

Dear Stakeholder,

The website, which was prepared in cooperation with the Development Agencies under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology Development Agencies General Directorate, is an important resource for those who want to invest and bring their business ideas to life.

Fast and reliable results are obtained with the search engine on the home page of the site, which aims to present all government support information from a single platform in order to guide investors, instant access to summary or detailed information of support advertisements, and detailed searches can be made with the advanced search algorithm.

With the “Incentive Robot” on the site, it is possible to access the details about the city and sector to be invested in, and the meanings of technical terms related to supports or investments can be learned with the “Investor Dictionary”.

In the “Investment Opportunities” section; There are pre-feasibility studies prepared for local, national and global opportunities, summary information on sample investment topics can be accessed, detailed information on investment costs and payback period can be obtained.

In addition, on the “Question and Answer” page on the site; Experts of Development Agencies working in 81 provinces can be reached instantly, so that investment processes, government support to implement the investment and consultancy services needed throughout the investment can be easily accessed.

I beg you to visit the aforementioned site and forward your questions to our Agency, if you have any, and wish you a healthy day.

T.R. On behalf of Zafer Development Agency Family


Veli Oguz

Secretary General