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Korel Elektronics Ind. and Trade Inc.

Korel Electronic San. Trade A.Ş is a family company established in 1988 to serve the White Goods industry. Korel A.Ş., with its 30 years of experience, works with all of the White Goods manufacturers operating both in Turkey and abroad, as a sought-after company especially in the refrigeration and automotive sectors. It produces cooling system […]

Ekinler Industrial Ind. and Trade Inc. Manisa2 Branch

Established in 1984, our company is a leading company in the production of connectors, terminals, cables, wiring harnesses and complete panel assemblies.  It has RoHS – HAR -VDE – TSE – GHOST certificates that require high precision with its expert R&D Engineers and its own mold production units.  It has 2 businesses in total, Istanbul […]

Ege Cable Industrial Materials Ind. and Trade Inc.

Our company is a member of the EKINLER Group of Companies and operates in a closed area of 2,500 m² with its 50 qualified personnel who are experts in their fields, with the latest technology machinery and equipment in cable production. Our company has PVC cable, PVC tubing, silicon cable, solar (photovoltaic) cable production lines […]