MIP Security

MIP Security

The security of the park is provided by the security forces in charge of the MOSB Police Headquarters, which is affiliated to the General Directorate of Security. There is also a security team working in coordination with the security forces within the Park.

The security team, serving with a staff of 39 people in total, ensures the security of the Park by patrolling at fixed points such as the al Directorate building, MIP Nursery, MOSTEM and parking lot within the park 24 hours a day.

The team, which is constantly on patrol with a security vehicle in the Park, intervenes in the events that occur during their patrols and brings solutions within their authority.

In the event of a possible fire that may occur in the Park, it immediately goes to the scene, clears the roads, draws a safety strip around the scene, and removes the people who are not authorized and unrelated from the dangerous area, thus securing the area around the scene.

In case of possible traffic accidents that occur within the boundaries of the Park, if there are injured persons, information is given to the ambulance, law enforcement officers, relevant authorities and persons.

In case of violations of traffic rules, such as wrong parking, moving in the opposite direction by the patrol teams, the relevant persons are warned by the Traffic Branch Directorate in cooperation with the traffic team in charge in the park.

The Fastest Telephones You Can Reach The Security Unit;

Security Chief           :  0(533) 437 74 26     Tolga KADAZ

Security Car              :  0(533) 438 90 56  

MIP Police Station   : 0(236) 233 11 56