President's Message

Sait Cemal TÜREK

Our region; After starting of planned development term in Turkey, in our country with starting of industrialization it was founded as one of the first OIZs.  In 1970 first factory was got established by Elginkan Foundation in our Zone.

Nearly after 50 years, today Manisa Industrial Park is showed as an example in Turkey and in the world, it becomes profitable situation for its investors and its country. A Zone which gives outlet with today nearly 40 foreign and foreign shared investors, with many international brands whose 45.500 workers and 8.1 billions dollars foreign trade volume.

Surely, this success is not a coincidence, to foresee future and to work with your all strength, bring to also success along.

Since it has been founded, both physical and infrastructure services which have been growing as planned and in future by making prediction to needs which will come about and by taking them to its calendar, being a zone which makes necessary investments for them, they provide that we are always one step ahead.

Before the industrialist start to invest, as our the Zone which prepares to all energy infrastructure which will need and the service is presented best quality and reasonable cost further more with our investments in social service areas ,we are in position which can give answer to their all out needs.

With  new generation OIZs most beautiful example in our Zone; electricity which is produced at Energy Power Plant, vapor and hot water investments costs are fulfilled by our Zone, are reached until door of our industrialists by our Zone.

Also our Logistics Center which has feature as first Logistics Village of Turkey, goods of our  Industrialists are carried by railway and they are reached to harbors, our industrialists benefit from open and closed storage areas and their processes are concluded in a short time at Customs Directorate.

Besides infrastructure services, Technical and Industrial Vocational High School was constructed in order to educate qualified labor force which is one of the most important need of our industrialists afterwards their graduation, the students  go into business life in Zone firms. In addition to that educations of workers are given at our school.

Besides our infrastructure and education workings, again as social our most important investment is realizing our nursery for entrusting of their pre-school period children so that in our Zone women workers are at work as peaceful. Nursery has a student capacity of 140, at the moment with full capacity it is giving service according to working hours appropriately for working mothers in our Zone.

Finally ,the project which we realized in order to workers move  away from job environment even if one moment and to motivate and to fulfill their needs in our life area at our campus.

MOSPARK Cafe and restaurants are life areas for both our Zone workers and for our guests  who come for the purpose of jobs, they can spend time with pleasurable.

As Zone Administration by carrying our projects to one ahead step in education and in social areas in order to make new investments, we continue to our workings. Also while we are making to this, we are taking strong from belief and confidence to us of our industrialists.

We are a Zone which works for industrialist, which produce for country…


Sait Cemal TÜREK

Manisa Industrial Park

Chairman of the Board



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