MOSB Tarihçe

In order to carry out its duties in the best way possible to unite the country economy with the world, Manisa Industrial Park continues to work within the framework of the planned growth model both. In terms of industrial size , as well as in terms of importance given to all infrastructure and support services, Manisa Industrial Park is one of the most preferred Industrial Parks.

1963 - 1964

Foundation of Manisa Industrial Park began in 1963.

1964 - 1966

 In 1964 “Facility and Development project of Manisa Organized Industrial Zone” was 

submited to Ministry Of  Industry and its viability  was determined. In June 1966 Loan 

Contract was signed by Manisa Chamber Of Commerce.

1966 - 1986

In 1966 land purchase began, and in 1968 the infrastructure construction started. At the beginning of 1970, land allocation to industrialists started.   

1986 - 1997

Reaching an occupancy rate of 90%, expansion of MIP was considered.  In 1986 with the approval of the Council Of Ministers, land purchases of Part II started. Infrastructure construction began by the end of 1989 and by the end of 1991 Part II opened for the industry.

1997 - 2003

As in Part I, when the occupancy rate reached 90%, establishment of Part III began in 1997. In 1998 expropriation and in 2001 infrastructure was completed. As of December 2003 in Part III was 100% occupied.

2003 - 2011

With increasing industrial potential of the Zone, Part IV in the west and Part V in the north would be established. A Logistics Center with a railway connection was to be constructed  Part V. 3.759.600 m² Part IV and 743.000m² Part V was expropriated in 2006. After the infrastructure construction, in 2007 land allocation began. 

Manisa Industrial Park had its first General Assembly in July 2008, and started to be directed by its own industrialists.

In 2010, the General Assembly decided on the expansion of the Zone one more time. 



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