Policy of Management Systems

Manisa Industrial Park is working to become a world-class industrial zone. All processes carried out to achieve this goal are carried out in a responsible and accountable manner that adds value to regulatory suppliers and their participiants.

Policy of Management Systems of Manisa Industrial Park

  • ISO 27001:2013 – Information Security
    • Raising awareness across the organization that third party information is not an institution, but is a safe guard that must be protected
    • Raising awareness among stakeholders to ensure that information about the organization they share with third parties is protected by the parties concerned
    • Provide employee  awareness that corporate information is a value
    • By classifying all the environments and processes in which information is available, regular risk management practises and risks are kept at a minimum
  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality
    • Ensuring effective in-house communication
    • Expanding client-focused work to the whole organization
    • Ensuring internal and external involvement to achieve excellent business processes
    • Providing more value production with less resource use
    • Ensure that all business processes have an effective risk management and low risk levels
    • Improvement of all processes to perfection with the help of an effective evalution method
  • ISO 14001:2014 – Environment
    • Raising environmental awareness of employees of the agency
    • Studying the effectiveness of the organization by observing the influence of the organization with a good evaluation method
    • Reducing the impact on the environment by means of evaluating every possible recycling organization process
    • To minimize the use of natural resources
  • ISO 18001:2014 – Occupational Health and Safety
    • Ensuring a safe working environment for all employees, stakeholders and visitors
    • Raising employees’ awareness about occupational health and safety
    • Ensuring the spread of security as a corporate culture and assimilation 

Manisa Industrial Park will evaluate the activities of all established management systems with the meeting s to be held and ensure that the systems are carried out in accordance with the determined targets.


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